LAtihan Bahasa Inggris untuk SD kelas 6

I.                    Plilhlah jawaban yang benar!

1.       Hello everybody, how are you feeling right now?

a.       Fine

b.      Find

c.       Yes, I am

d.      Nothing

2.       ……is your name? I’m Tia

a.       How                       b. who                                  c. what

3.       Are you in the sixth grade?

a.       Yes, I do                               b. Yes, I’m                           c. Yes, you’re

4.       What do you do?

a.       I’m very well                      b. I’m a student                               c. study

5.       How do you go to school? ……car

a.       By                                           b. with                                  c. on

6.       Who is Dini? …. Is my niece.

a.       She                                        b. he                                      c. her

7.       Where are the children? …… at the playground.

a.       We are                                 b. you are                            c. they are

8.       The student …. doing the exercise.

a.       Aren’t                                   b. isn’t                                  c. don’t

9.       The first month is……

a.       December                           b. January                           c. Monday

10.   June is the…..month.

a.       Sixth                                      b. six                                      c. seven

11.   Thirty two minus…..equals eighteen.

a.       Twelve                                 b. fourteen                         c. seventeen

12.   We speak with our….

a.       Lips                                        b. teeth                                                c.  mouth

13.   Muliani prefers pineapples….jackfruits.

a.       Than                                      b. to                                       c . or

14.   The…. Is cutting Anton’s hair.

a.       Butcher                                                b. tailor                                 c. barber

15.   ….. do you get to the zoo? By bus

a.        How                                      b.  what                                c.  where

Translate into English !

1.       veny selalu membaca buku .

2.       veny sedang membaca buku

3.       veny membaca buku kemarin.

4.       Saya  tidak selalu mencuci baju.

5.       Saya sedang mencuc I baju

6.       Saya tidak mencuci baju dua hari yang lalu.

III.                Urutkanlah !

1.       They – homework- not – do – did – last week

2.       Mother – sitting – livingroom – and – are – father – now – in the

3.       Always – does – Alwi – prepare – lessons- his – ?

4.       Door – opened – the –  hour – one – ago

5.       Are – the – listening to– not – we – not – music- right now