I. Choose the best answer!

1. A : What time did you get up this
B : …..
a. I get up at five
b. I am getting up at five
c. I got up at five
d. I have gotten up at five

2. Mr. Sony is a technician. He often…television,radios,etc.
a. Fixing
b. Fix
c. Fixes
d. Fixed

3. A : I saw you in the market yesterday. What did you buy there?
B : Well. I ….soap, toothpaste, and shampoo
a. Bought
b. Buy
c. Am buying
d. Was buying

4. Listen ! The teacher ….the lesson.
a. Explains
b. Explained
c. Explaining
d. Is explaining

5. I was sleeping when my mother….the announcement about me on the radio.
a. Heard
b. Hears
c. Was hearing
d. Will hear

6. The sick man….on his bed now.
a. Doesn’t lying
b. Is not lying
c. Not is lying
d. Is lying

7. You….abroad next December.
a. Have gone
b. Will go
c. Went
d. Go

8. When Ani came to my house, I ….lunch.
a. Was having
b. Will have
c. Am having
d. Were having

9. The blackboard isn’t dirty now because….
a. The teacher is going to erase it
b. Weny was wiping it
c. Anto has cleaned it
d. The students were cleaning it

10. It….
It is very cloudy.
a. Was raining
b. Rains
c. Rained
d. Is going to rain

11. A : when will the students have their holidays?
B: they will have their holidays….
a. Next week
b. Last week
c. A week ago
d. For a week

12. While I….my lesson,my classmates came.
a. Studied
b. Study
c. Was studying
d. Have been studying

13. A : please be quite. I …to concentrate.
B: Okay. We’ll move to the next room.
a. Try
b. Tried
c. Am trying
d. Have been trying

14. A : How do you go to school?
B: B bicycle. But yesterday I ….to school by bus.
a. Go
b. Went
c. Have gone
d. Will go

15. A : Where is Daddy, Mom?
B: He is in the livingroom. He … watching TV.
a. Watched
b. Watches
c. Will watch
d. Is watching

16. I …. the homework twice, but still it isn’t correct.
a. have written
b. am writing
c. write
d. wrote

17. Monica is American girl. She ….in Indonesia since last year.
a. Is
b. Was
c. Has been
d. Have been

18. The children …. their exam for two hours.
a. Will have done
b. Have been doing
c. Have done
d. Has done

19. Mr. Aldo ….to teach a course in physics next year.
a. Planning
b. Are planning
c. Plans
d. Has planned

20. They/not/start/ school at eight.
The correct sentence is…
a. They didn’t start school at eight
b. They didn’t started school at eight
c. They aren’t start school at eight
d. They weren’t start school at eight